Service solutions

With passion and a cool head to success.

As your strategic partner, the MAGRO team always strives to achieve the optimum for you.

In this way, we improve the procurement situation for our customers’ drawing parts and ensure the quality of the parts supplied. To do this, we use our in-depth technical knowledge and our eye for the overall business view.

Experience always pays off.
Also for you.

Technical advice.

At MAGRO, we love people who know what they are doing. Therefore, only technical experts work for you. They are not only consulted for the analysis of complex drawings and their optimal manufacturing concepts, they also like to work out individual problem solutions for optimized manufacturability in order to reduce possible production costs.

So it pays to have the right people on board. Thanks to our 20 years of experience, we also know exactly where savings potentials lie in your project: this can be achieved, for example, by forming families of parts, by knowing more favorable manufacturing processes of equal quality, or by standardization. Optimally, our cooperation starts as early as possible so that we can provide you with the best service and advice right from the start.


Strong partner network

International Network with focus on europe, access to 2.470 production machines.

Proven teamwork

Years of close cooperation and personal exchange.

Cost optimized

We know which drawing part can be produced most cost-effectively (taking into account your quality requirements).

Real values

When selecting our suppliers, we attach importance not only to quality and delivery reliability but also to compliance with our Code of Conduct on environmental protection, equal rights, health standards and compliance.


Perfectly designed

Optimized storage capacity for delivery on demand.

Fast wares

Modern IT infrastructure and trained technical staff.

Always fitting

MAGRO delivers just-in-time and within the production flow control system Kanban. Germany-wide within 24 hours, within Europe already after 48 hours.

Quality assurance and management.

Everything on site

Own infrastructure for quality assurance through state-of-the-art test laboratory.

Ready for use

Our QA department is state of the art and becomes your extended workbench upon request.

Maximum accuracy

Optical sorting machines realize 100% control on request.

Nothing gets lost

We offer you complete documentation of materials and processes as well as batch numbers. In this way, we ensure the traceability of all parts even after years, from goods receipt via QA to the warehouse.

Always the right tool

Our quality assurance department works with reliable and precise testing instruments. These include 3D CNC measuring equipment, 2.5D video measuring equipment, measurements with lasers for the most accurate testing, roughness, hardness measurements and much more.

What we can do for you

Preparation of PPAP, initial sample inspection reports, IMDS entries, factory standard conversions, etc.